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Brazilian plastic artist duo OSGEMEOS designes figures and expansive elements for Flying Pictures, a new production by Flying Steps Entertainment, the most successful German company in developing urban dance shows.

Honji Wang and Sébastien Ramirez provide artistic direction to this creation, in collaboration with Vartan Bassil, founder and CEO of Flying Steps Entertainment.

Backed by an adaptation of Mussorgsky's famous piano piece, this project also features the work of a group of choreographers, the urban dance crew Flying Steps and live musicians.

The show premiere will take place in April at the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum in Berlin.

Photo: Flying Steps Entertainment

Wang Ramirez - ADELAIDE Press Review

ADELAIDE Press Review

Monchichi | JANUARY 12, 2019

The skill on show in Monchichi, in everything from the conception, the choreography, to the performance,
is tremendous.

(…) It’s not an easy thing to make a performance as intricate as this seems,
both easy and charmingly raw, but
Wang and Ramirez pull it off.

It moves quickly, and has the light, bubbly quality of French champagne as drunk in
a screwball comedy from the 1930s.

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Wang Ramirez - 2018 Year of the Dog

2018 Year of the Dog

Beijing, China

Watch the video of the site specific performance in the Forbidden City, a collaboration of Thomas Roussel
aka Prequell & Wang Ramirez.

Photo: emspirit

Wang Ramirez - The Financial Times

The Financial Times

Dystopian Dream

(...) Sébastien Ramirez and Honji Wang have the talent and vision in spades. With their individual specialities in hip-hop, aerial movement and martial arts, for Dystopian Dream they have created a unique dance language that is totally compelling,
exciting and surprising.

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Wang Ramirez - La grâce du ouistiti

La grâce du ouistiti

Rosita Boisseau | November 24

Honji Wang and Sébastien Ramirez have adapted their 2011 production for children
and their families with two new young
performers: Shihya Peng and Marco
Di Nardo.

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Wang Ramirez - Financial Times

Financial Times

Borderline | 23 Octobre 2018

"(...) the delicate line between experiment and risk, balance and motion, and,
in the duets, dependence and interdependence."

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© Richard Termine for The Financial Times

Wang Ramirez - New York Times

New York Times

Borderline | 21 Octobre 2018

"Separately and together, they deliver
astonishment after astonishment."

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Photo: Rachel Papo for The New York Times

Wang Ramirez - Santa Barbara Independent

Santa Barbara Independent

Borderline | 16 Octobre 2018

"Company Wang Ramirez’s strength lies in its keen ability to make the superhuman at once relatable and motivating, a daunting feat that inspired a standing ovation from
a captivated audience."

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Photo: Paul Wellman for Santa Barbara Independent

Wang Ramirez - Le Monde

Le Monde

Inseparable hip hop dancers

(...) side by side, their last names have become the access code to a hip-hop appealing to a much wider audience for which this inseparable couple
is the glamorous leader.

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Photo: Nanda Gonzague for Le Monde

Wang Ramirez - New Associated artists

New Associated artists

Théâtre de la Ville, Paris

"We are very happy and honored to be associated artists of
Théâtre de la Ville, Paris.

In 2012 we presented our first creation. Théâtre de la Ville placed us on the front of the stage, facing a large audience. 
This beautiful experience made us grow as artists and as company.

We are very grateful for this opportunity and for the trust Théâtre de la Ville has always bestowed on us. Thank you very much to the whole team.

Honji Wang & Sébastien Ramirez

Wang Ramirez - GöteborgsOperans Danskompani

GöteborgsOperans Danskompani


Honji Wang and Sébastien Ramirez conducted workshops for GöteborgsOperans Danskompani,
made up of 38 dancers from all over the world and under the artistic direction
of Katrín Hall.

Watch GöteborgsOperans Danskompani's showreel

Photo: Toby Morey

Wang Ramirez - Monchichi


USA Tour | March 3, 2018

"Like the best comedy or the best tragedy,
great dance cannot lie."

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Wang Ramirez - Borderline


USA Tour | March 8, 2018

"Wang and Ramirez created a piece that is unmistakably exceptional"

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Wang Ramirez - Gala Magazine

Gala Magazine

Valentine's Day fashion

Honji Wang and Sébastien Ramirez featured
in the Valentine's Day fashion shooting of Gala magazine.

Photo taken by Little Shao at Bon Marché Rive Gauche (Paris) in front of the work Noeud mécanique, from Leandro Erlich's exhibition
"Under the Sky".

Stylist: Lydia Lobe Elessa | Photos: Little Shao

Wang Ramirez - TV5MONDE


L'INVITÉ | January 27, 2018

Patrick Simonin invited Honji Wang et Sébastien Ramirez to speak about Dystopian Dream's performances at
the Théâtre de la Ville, Espace
Cardin, in Paris.

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